• Before you get your puppy

  • So you're getting a puppy.  This is a very exciting time and seriously, who doesn't love a puppy...they just make you feel good!.

    There's a lot of things to consider before your new pup arrives and the choice shouldn't be made on cuteness alone...lets face it, there really arent any 'ugly' puppies so do take some time to think about your particular situation.

    Do take time to discover what type of dog is best matched to you and  some things to consider are; who will the puppy live with,  where will your puppy live (inside or outside or both),  diet, energy levels, how much time do you really have to commit to training, exercise and enrichment. Remember a puppy will grow into an adult and be part of your life for the next 10 - 17 years -  this is a huge commitment and shouldnt be taken lightly. Our Dog shelters are full of dogs of various ages that started out as someones puppy.

    A little thought and planning will set you and your puppy up for a wonderful life together and help to avoid many of the 'problems' that occur.

    To help you out do download Dr Ian Dunbar's 'Before you get your puppy' - this a wonderful book with lots of great advice for setting you and your dog up for success.



    Download Before you get your puppy