• Look for the good stuff

  • Look for the good stuff….
    It is really tough when our ‘perfect dog’ just isn’t.
    Often depending on what the problems are, it becomes overwhelming not only for the dog but also the humans.
    I speak to so many people and yes, generally if they’re contacting me, there are behaviours that they are concerned about or dont like (even though the dog might😊 )
    When we (humans) are feeling overwhelmed, sad, frustrated, angry even its really hard to see the ‘good’ stuff’ our dogs do…. Its almost like our brain switches to ‘only see bad stuff ‘ mode…
    Lets be honest, even when our dogs are doing the ‘stuff’ we dont like…they aren’t doing this ALL DAY….
    In fact often it may be something that took just a few minutes, like chewing up your favourite cushion, stealing the sandwiches off the bench, digging up your veggie patch, barking at the neighbours dog…so what were they doing the rest of the day???
    See where I’m going with this…..
    LOOK FOR THE “GOOD STUFF” your dog does everyday
    Once you start to really notice and acknowledge the great things your dog does the more you will notice!!!
    An easy way to start is just to pick 3 things that your dog did great today
    Often you start off noticing the things they didnt do eg: ”well he didnt eat my slippers…dig up the pot plants…pee on my favourite rug’….this will change (as you practice) from what he ‘didnt do wrong’ to other behaviours entirely, like greeting people nicely, eating all his breakfast, chilling out quietly while you were on the phone, calm and relaxed on a walk and so on…
    This doesn’t mean the stuff you dont like doesn’t matter, it does, but if you only focus on the problems and the things they get ‘wrong’ it will affect your relationship – so if you are struggling  ask for help!