• These are all about our dogs social well-being getting out & about in different places with other dogs & people

    Experiencing different environments with the focus on the dog's enjoyment, sniffing, exploring and experiencing the world around us & it of course helps continue to build and maintain wonderful people & dog relationships

     The Adventure walks are suitable for all dogs 4 months and over and offered as :

    • Puppies social walks aged 4-6 months
    • All ages from 6 months +

     Puppy Adventure walks are tailored for puppies aged 4- 6 months and are a fantastic follow on from 'puppy school' to put into practice you & your pup's learning in distractive environments, building confidence, attention and social skills, helping them to learn how to be comfortable (and settle) in unfamiliar places (different environments) and be social around other dogs and people

     All Ages Adventure Walks are suitable for dogs from 6 months and older, aimed at building and maintaining appropriate social skills with dogs and people, walking on a loose lead and enjoying different environmental experiences in the company of other people and dogs.

    If you are unsure if your dog is suitable please contact to discuss

    Dates & Times

    Locations will vary - please contact for details