• Behaviour problems are extremely common and cause a great detail of emotion and frustration for dogs and their owners. It is one of the most common reasons that dogs are rehomed or worse.

    Many dogs engage in unwanted behaviours simply because they dont know how or what they should be doing,sometimes they're just bored or frustrated and sometimes there may be an underlying medical issue.

    Some of the common problems include over excitement, jumping up, destructive chewing, digging, mouthing and barking or the signs of stress or obsessive behaviours such tail chasing, licking, eating poo, nervous, anxious, fearful and so on.

    The great news is that most problems can be resolved in a positive way provided you are committed, patient and willing to do the work to help your dog, please contact to discuss your needs. 

    Note: If your dog has suddenly developed unwanted behaviours do see your vet.  



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