• Behaviour problems are extremely common & often cause a great deal of emotion & frustration for both the dogs & their families.

    Behaviour problems are the most common reason dogs are rehomed or worse!

    Some of the common problems include getting over excitement, jumping up on people, pulling on lead, destructive chewing, digging, mouthing and barking, tail chasing, light or shadow chasing, eating their own poo, counter surfing and even constant licking – the list is unlimited.

    There are many reasons for why a dog may be engaging in behaviours that we don’t like

    -      They are enjoying what they do

    -      We haven’t taught them what we would like instead

    -      They’re bored or frustrated

    -      and sometimes there may be an underlying medical issue.

    Dogs learn by pairing and consequence

    When working with problematic behaviours we look at the cause – what evokes the behaviour and what maintains (reinforces) it.

    Meaning that once that most problems can be resolved but you do need to be committed, patient and willing to do the work to help your dog, please contact to discuss your needs. 

    Note: If your dog has suddenly developed unwanted behaviours do see your vet.  


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