• What is body balance?

    Body Balance is based on the principles of Proprioception which is essentially the perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body.

    By combining a range of different exercises (with and without equipment) aimed at the everyday companion (pet) dog we are able to improve and maintain their psychological & physiological wellbeing (Enrichment) using a ‘whole of body’ approach

    Who's it good for?

    Body Balance is fantastic for dogs of all ages, (some limitations apply dependent on dog's age, illness or injury)

    As we are able to tailor the activities and adjust to the needs of individual dogs this enables them to do lots of fun and different things whilst promoting optimal health.

    Body Balance uses a variety of exercises and ‘equipment’ including hula hoops, bricks, mats, cavaletti poles, peanuts, balance cushions & more and is wonderful for older dogs providing enrichment, improving mobility & their quality of life

     What is it good for?

     Developing & maintaining:

    • Stamina and muscle strength,
    • Flexibility & Co-ordination,
    • Gait improvement & Rehabilitation

     And building & improving:

    • confidence,
    • focus and attention (for both dog and handler)
    • dog/human communication, and
    • a stronger relationship between the dogs and their people.

    Exercises and activities include:

    • cavaletti - for gait improvement and rear muscle strength, builds coordination, stamina and develops rhythmic trot
    • steps/bricks/ mats/foot pods - develops body and foot placement awareness (great for teaching dogs to 'stack' 'hands free')
    • balance pads & cushions - balance, core strength
    • peanut balls - balance, core and rear muscle strength
    • plank work - balance, flexibility, co-ordination focus and attention


  • Aimed at our everyday companion dogs, taking a whole of body approach and in addition to the health and fitness benefits develops confidence, focus and attention for both dog and handler and helps to build a stronger relationship between dogs and their people

    Sessions can be one on one or in small groups