• Bringing home your new puppy

    This is such an exciting time and critical time in your new pups life. Getting things right from the start will help you develop your dog into a wonderful companion and help to reduce or avoid many of the common problems people encounter.  Puppy development is pretty fast (compared to us humans) and many of the things they learn during early puppyhood will impact and influence their development into adulthood.  To enable your puppy to be the best dog he or she can be there are some [...]

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    Before you get your puppy

    So you're getting a puppy.  This is a very exciting time and seriously, who doesn't love a puppy...they just make you feel good!. There's a lot of things to consider before your new pup arrives and the choice shouldn't be made on cuteness alone...lets face it, there really arent any 'ugly' puppies so do take some time to think about your particular situation. Do take time to discover what type of dog is best matched to you and  some things to consider are; who will the puppy live [...]

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    ENRICHMENT- WHAT IS IT?  To enrich is to improve, for our dogs this means that we are seeking to enhance their lives by improving their physical and psychological well-being.  WHY Enrichment allows dogs the ability to express normal behaviors through physical exercise, manipulative activities, and cognitive challenges thereby decreasing stress which in return makes for a happier dog. Often the things our dogs do naturally are the same things that are considered to be problems by owners[...]

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