• This is such an exciting time and critical time in your new pups life. Getting things right from the start will help your pup develop into a wonderful companion and help to reduce or avoid many of the common problems people encounter. 

    Specifically for people & their puppies from 8 weeks to 16 weeks of age that aren't able to attend a puppy class we can conduct lessons in your home (and out and about once fully vaccinated) to ensure you all get off to a great start in your puppy's learning journey.

    To enable your puppy to be the best dog he or she can be there are some critical timelines in their early development:

    • Socialisation with People -by 12 weeks of age - The Most Urgent Priority
    • Learning Bite Inhibition (soft mouth)- by 18 weeks of age - The Most Important Priority (people & dogs)
    • Preventing Adolescent Problems —by five months of age - The Most Enjoyable Priority

    Lessons are normally conducted weekly but we can adjust to suit your individual needs & all training is based on positive reinforcement, and conducted off lead (except when learning loose lead walking) & we will be introducing you puppy to lots of different things including:

    • Learning basic manners and helping you to put into place ‘household etiquette' such as going to lay quietly on bed/quiet area, not jumping up, toilet training, appropriate chew toys, 'off/take it’ (valued items such as toys or food),
    • enrichment strategies to simulate their minds and bodies and avoid ‘owner absent problems’ such as excessive barking, destruction etc
    • introduction to loose leash walking,
    • body conditioning (familiarity with touch and collar)
    • ‘strange things’- different surfaces, objects, on, off/over under etc and of course lots handling by people and introduction to unfamiliar appropriate dogs.
    • Learning with distraction (other dogs and people)

    Puppy training is conducted as either a 4 lesson in home due to vaccination protocols.