• How to Make a Snuffle Mat

    Sniffing – it’s what dogs do Not only is it fun for your dog to engage in sniffing ‘stuff’ its essential to their overall wellbeing­čśŐ This version is really easy to make & fully machine washable using a soft material mat & some polar fleece ‘pet blankets’ For instructions on how to make your own click on the button below

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    Firstly, if you have a 'Rescue' Congratulations and thank you for giving your new family member a second (or third or fourth..) chance at a forever home. Adopting a rescue can be a wonderful rewarding experience and this is a huge commitment that often comes with little history available about your new companion, but for some reason, and through no fault of his or her own, they ended up in a shelter, rescue or pound (or gumtree) and found their way to you. Many rescued dogs come with 'issues' [...]

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    Old dogs..New Tricks...

    Old age...it (hopefully) happens for most of us including our beloved furkids. You may start to notice the little things, like they dont run as fast as the used to, they are a bit slower getting up or down, arthritis may be showing its ugly head, lumps and bumps appear, signs of hearing loss, spending more time sleeping and so on.  This is actually a really wonderful time knowing that you have been able to share your dog's life from the heady juvenile times of doing things they shouldnt, [...]

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