• Look for the good stuff

    Look for the good stuff.... It is really tough when our 'perfect dog' just isn't. Often depending on what the problems are, it becomes overwhelming not only for the dog but also the humans. I speak to so many people and yes, generally if they're contacting me, there are behaviours that they are concerned about or dont like (even though the dog might ) When we (humans) are feeling overwhelmed, sad, frustrated, angry even its really hard to see the 'good' stuff' our dogs do.... Its almost [...]

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    How to Make a Snuffle Mat

    Sniffing...its what dogs do/ Not only is it great fun and a wonderful enrichment item to add to your dogs life, sniffing stuff is essential for the well being. This version is really easy to make and machine washable - click on the button below for your easy to follow instructions

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    Firstly, if you have a 'Rescue' Congratulations and thank you for giving your new family member a second (or third or fourth..) chance at a forever home. Adopting a rescue can be a wonderful rewarding experience and this is a huge commitment that often comes with little history available about your new companion, but for some reason, and through no fault of his or her own, they ended up in a shelter, rescue or pound (or gumtree) and found their way to you. Many rescued dogs come with 'issues' [...]

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