• Manners & Foundation Skills

    Manners & Foundation Skills are designed to introduce your dog (or puppy) to skills for life that all dogs should know - great for dogs with little or no formal training experience or where there may be some areas that you would like to improve.

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    Behaviour Problems

    Does your dog do things you'd prefer they didnt? Is your dog doing 'bad' things when your'e not home? Jumping up, over excited, digging up the garden, chewing the reticulation or pulling on the lead, scared or wary of strange people or anxious and nervous? Have you stopped taking your dog out due to their behaviour or putting them away when people visit?

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    Body Balance - Fitness for Fun

    Body Balance - Fitness for Fun is wonderful addition to enrich your dog's life, improving their overall health and fitness, developing body awareness, stamina, strength, co-ordination and balance .

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    What is reactivity? Simply, it is when a dog over reacts to certain things (stimuli) in his or her environment. This can be anything and commonly includes the sight of other dogs, people, kids, loud noises, bicycles, cars and unfamiliar situations. Dog reactivity is complex and there is no 'quick fix' as we are dealing with the dogs emotional response. Time, patience and commitment are essential in helping a dog with reactivity.

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    Puppy Training

    Puppy 'training' starts the moment you bring home your beautiful new pup, as guardians there are many things that are your responsibility to help your pup develop into a wonderful social confident dog and timing is critical for their development.

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  • Practical. Positive. Achievable

    Welcome to 123Paw Dog Training & Behaviour - Our mission is to help dogs and their people live a happy life.
    We are focused on helping the everyday companion dog using science based positive reinforcement to make learning fun, interactive and build better relationships through communication and understanding.
    No matter the breed, age, or behaviour issue, we're here to help! 
    Every dog is different and so are their families, that's why one size doesn't fit all and we will work with you to find the best solutions tailored to you and your dog.
    In some situations we may recommend additional professional assistance & with access to a wonderful network of Qualified Professionals, we can help to set you and your dog up for success.
    None of us were born 'dog trainers' and have probably encountered most of the problems you have ourselves, which means we can relate to your frustrations and work with you and your dog  to make the everyday more enjoyable, lets face it, there is nothing better than sharing your world with a wonderful dog.
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